To the compass of my soul, to the boy who held my hand and led me to his heart, to the boy who removed his wings so he could stay with me, thank you.

Anonymous said: Do you guys had sex already? Just curious.

news flash!!!! (lol kidding)

this will be the first and last time i will be answering questions like this, alright? you guys seem to be so curious about other people’s sex stories hahaha

no. we’re dating since 2007. and we aren’t doing it yet. i don’t think our religion has something to do with it (we’re both christians) it’s just we talked about it and decided not to do it until we’re married because we both want sex to be something we could be excited about in the future. pluuus, i want to do it when i am emotionally ready.

end of news flash haha kidding

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"When I was young, I used to admire intelligent people; as I grow older, I admire kind people."

Abraham Joshua Heschel  (via saras-scrapbook)

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“This is how much I love you: If you leave my world today, and after ten or twenty years, you’d come back to me, I’ll open my doors for you, even the windows. I will welcome you with my arms wide open as if you never really left. I may never be the best, but for me, you will always be more than enough.”

— m.c 

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“When are you going to forgive yourself about the mistakes you didn’t do? When are you going to stop missing the person who didn’t feel the electricity your body released when he first kissed you?”

— m.c // 12:54 am

my dad was driving and i was like, “aaw it’s so pretty. it’s always pretty!” and he was like, “yes. just like your mom and you and your sister.”

i couldn’t ask for more. i am having a good life and the people i have right now are all beautiful and amazing people. i am so happy.

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"When she broke your heart did she also crack your spine so you would always fall in her direction?"

— Lauren Bullock (via 5000letters)

Anonymous said: Why do you always look for the good side of everything and everyone? What if there are no good sides? You are naive!

uhm, okay. so if i am so “naive” because i always look for the good side… is that a bad thing? am i supposed to feel bad about it? because honestly, i don’t feel bad about it. i am happy that i am that inexperienced / innocent in life that it caused me to see and look for the good side given that this world is cruel.

and what are you talking about? there will always be a good side in everything and in everyone! you can never be pure evil or what. there will always be light within you no matter how far you go on living and i think that’s beautiful.
so thanks for calling me naive and have a good day. xo

Anonymous said: hello how good are you in bed???

hella good. i sleep 12 hours a day and i do it soooo gooood.

"once you learn your worth, once you understand that you deserve more than what you’re getting right now, you will never allow someone to treat you like trash; dumping you around the corner, stepping on you as if you they don’t see you. go ahead and explore yourself. go ahead and fall in love with the way your eyes release sparks whenever you smile. fall in love with the way you talk to people. just fall in love with yourself and discover that you’re really a precious gem."

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"it’s unbelievable how the sky changes its color just after a few minutes. and i think it’s a sweet reminder for us that there is nothing permanent in this world. the things we may be looking at right now, will not always be there the next time we open our eyes."

— today i woke up at around 5:45 am, the sky was pink. when i went to get a drink, the sky turned blue. good morning // mc

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i realized this morning that i am not a huge fan of high beds and i still prefer a comfy bed so i could nest.


come here you adorable lil sunshine! thank you 😸

"I feel so small whenever I am with you because with just a simple gesture from you; like smiling, you can fill the entire room.
And I don’t feel sad at all about it. This is how much I want you: while you were sitting there, lighting up the entire room,
I was there in one corner, looking at you and enjoying the beautiful view."

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I am not going to ask too much from you. But, just in case you forgot how much I care for you, I would love to remind you that:

I allowed you to call me in the middle of the night until dawn. You didn’t hear me complain about how I missed the rose-pink light of it because the sound of your voice cracking was still the best reason to stay on the line because I didn’t want you to give in to the pain you felt that day he broke your heart.

Remember when 2 in the morning used to be a daily witness how you drowned yourself with vodka just to let yourself feel everything? I was there to drive you home to make sure you were fine.

I was there.

When you were happy,

when you were upset,

when you thought that there were no brighter days,

I was there to hold you.
I was there to make you feel that you were not alone.
I was there and I told you endless time how much I love you.

And now that you found a boy with hazel green eyes and messy hair, where am I in your life?


— if he gave you reasons to cry again, i am sorry but i am not going to be there anymore. // m.c. (via pakalmot)

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