To the compass of my soul, to the boy who held my hand and led me to his heart, to the boy who removed his wings so he could stay with me, thank you.

sometimes, you’re like the sky. today, you may be gray and dull. but the next day, without you even knowing it, you will be a wide blue shade with white, pure and calm touch.

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Anonymous said: rheumatic heart disease :< Sayang naman yung puso mo, pwede akin nalang? :)

bakit gusto mong maging sayo eh may problema nga haha. hindi makakabuti sayo. :)

people who don’t put too much pressure on you when you’re upset are my favorite kind of people. they don’t force you to talk when you don’t want to; but still, they can make you feel that it’s okay to cry in front of them and their presence is enough to give you comfort.


can i just stay here all daaay? ☁🍃
good morning!

Anonymous said: 20 facts bout you please?

hey idk why you’re interested to know but since you are so nice to say “please” here you go :)

i write when i am upset. when i am happy, i am busy doing happy things and listening to good songs so, i have more time to write when i am upset.

i get nervous whenever i need to speak in front of the class.

math is my worst enemy. i can’t even do simple equations.

very loyal. haha. yep.

i love reading a lot. i have a tag on my blog about books just in case my followers are curious. haha.

i am confident that i am a funny person. i can make my friends laugh, a lot. :)

i like rpg games

lee min ho is the ultimate goal. i know it sounds silly hahaha. :(

left handed but my penmanship is reaallyyy goood. xx

i care a lot. a lot. a lot. to the point that sometimes, i am aware that i am necoming annoying because i always ask my friends about them whenever i feel that they aren’t okay. and that’s annoying. i know.

i sleep half naked.

country is the music genre i love the most.

i was once a belieber. but i saw that he turned so shitty so i was like, “uhm. no.”

uuhm, i always cry over movies and concerts because i am such a shallow person.


after i graduate my educ course next semester, i will take interior design. my dad agreed so i am going to do it.

on my first salary, i am going to get a tattoo.

i have 4 dogs, 2 bunnies, 15 parrot fishes, 1 couple of love birds because my family and i are really into pets and i am planning to buy a cat this year.

i have a rheumatic heart disease so i am not drinking alchohol anymore and my friends who smoke should gtfo or i am gonna die early. xx

are those 20 facts already? i can’t add more. hahaah there’s nothing more.


This boy screams loud poetry
but his throat isn’t as sore as his heart.
He’s so sad that he didn’t even notice
that slowly, he’s becoming an ocean.
There are times when he gently
touches the shore;
and sometimes, he slams himself
against the rocks.
Still, no matter how deep
and dark he may be,

I am willing to fall deeper.


— my rough, loud petal // melody c.

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no matter how hard i stretch my arms, i will never get the chance to know how it feels like to touch your face.

i will never understand how it feels like to be in your arms and to be able to hold you whenever i want to.

i will never get the chance to hear you call my name, no matter how many time i scream yours, no matter how loud my voice might be.

no matter how many days i spend walking and running towards you, you will always be a million miles away,


— mc // our paths will never meet

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my little strong warrior, helping my books not to fall. hahaha.

"Sometimes the devil allows people to live a life free of trouble because he doesn’t want them turning to God. Their sin is like a jail cell, except it is all nice and comfy and there doesn’t seem to be any reason to leave. The door’s wide open. Till one day, time runs out, and the cell door slams shut, and suddenly it’s too late."

— Mina’s mother // God’s not dead

"Cities are smells: Acre is the smell of iodine and spices. Haifa is the smell of pine and wrinkled sheets. Moscow is the smell of vodka on ice. Cairo is the smell of mango and ginger. Beirut is the smell of the sun, sea, smoke, and lemons. Paris is the smell of fresh bread, cheese, and derivations of enchantment. Damascus is the smell of jasmine and dried fruit. Tunis is the smell of night musk and salt. Rabat is the smell of henna, incense and honey. A city that cannot be known by its smell is unreliable. Exiles have a shared smell: the smell of longing for something else; a smell that remembers another smell. A painting, nostalgic that guides you, like a worn tourist map, to the smell of the original place. A smell is a memory and a setting sun. Sunset, here, is beauty rebuking the stranger.

But to love the sunset is not, as they say, one of the attributes of exile."

— Mahmoud Darwish, In the Presence of Absence (via focloir)

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"I painted the night sky on your back using my fingers
and I wrote my favorite poems on your thighs using my lips.
I gave you all the words and shapes you needed,
I offered you my curves and edges
because we both know that you deserve them.
I inhaled your exhales and I let you bury your breath into my skin,
while I tattooed my fingerprints at the back of your neck.
I love you so deeply that you became me and I became you.
I love you so deeply that if I lose myself one day, I will always find my way back home to you.
I love you."

letter #1 (by m.)

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"sometimes, i hate how my heart hurts to write for people i haven’t met yet."

makukumpleto ko na ang lord of the rings series, malapit na. 145 pesos lang ang bili ko kada isang book at yung poetry book naman (na sobrang ganda ng mga tula) 25 pesos lang. gusto kong maiyak sa sobrang saya. ❤


When are you going
to forgive yourself
about the mistakes
you didn’t do?

When are you going
to stop missing
the person who didn’t feel
the electricity
your body released
when he first kissed you?


— m.c // 12:54 am (via pakalmot)

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