There are days when I want to pack up my bags and leave. I want to go to places alone. Places where nobody knows my name, places where nobody knows anything about me. Places where I can get lost but I won’t get scared because I know deep inside me that I long for that day when I can be lost and I am not expecting anyone to find me.
I just want to get lost today. / pakalmot (via pakalmot)
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It’s as if I was born with apologies
about things I don’t want to be sorry about.
“I am sorry for wearing shorts in public places.”
I’m not sorry about wearing the clothes I want
and wearing the clothes I’m comfortable to wear.
“I am sorry for being emotional over little things.”
I will cry no matter how small or big the reasons are;
And I am allowed to scream or to cry
whenever I want because
I need to do that to lessen the pain.
“I am sorry if I’m too conscious about my weight.”
It’s okay to feel fat about my body and feel sad about it,
it’s okay to feel thin or skinny
and be happy or worried about it.
You don’t tell me how to feel about my body
because I’m the one wearing my skin.
i am a woman and there’s nothing to say sorry about it. (by m.)
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You have the right to be lonely.
If you feel like you’re not worthy, it’s okay.
If you feel like you’re a shitty person, honey that’s alright.
You have the right to feel sorry about yourself,
you have the right to feel sad about your failures;
because you’re human.

If you feel like you need to mourn every morning
because you lost yourself along the way,
go ahead and cry.
If you feel like you need to break your ribs
to find good reasons to bring them back in their proper places,
go ahead and rip your skin apart and remove your bones
one by one.

Don’t forget to tell yourself that you’re entitled of your own feelings.

But since you’re allowed to be sad,
Do yourself a favor.

Allow yourself to be happy.

Allow yourself to cry because of laughing so hard.
Allow yourself to stay up late at night watching your favorite movies.
Allow yourself to get drowned with the happiest emotions that you
cannot explain.
Allow yourself to fall in love with yourself more and more,

a letter to myself and to others who are feeling lonely tonight (melody c.)
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Isn’t it funny when we love someone so much
and then things didn’t work out so,
in the end you just broke up.
And then one day you’ll see him or her
somewhere and you won’t even look at each other’s eyes;
suddenly, you are strangers.
But that person knows you and all of your secrets,
fears, strengths and that person knows exactly
how you look every morning and then suddenly,
you became strangers.
Just like that.
relationships are all complicated, we are all complicated (melody c.)
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Good niiiight ♡♡♡

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1. Kiss that cute boy at the party, but push him away as soon as he puts his hand up your skirt
2. Smoke a cigarette for the first time, and make it your last
3. Don’t straighten your hair for a week, see how many compliments you get
4. Blast your favourite song even when your mum has told you off for playing it too loudly. Enjoy those 3 minutes of pure happiness before she pulls the plug out.
5. Say yes to going out, you’ll have something to tell your grandchildren about
6. Paint a sun on a rainy day, then stick it to the window
7. Eat the cupcake, you have better things to worry about than those 300 calories
8. Do yoga and meditate as often as possible
9. Stand up for yourself. Someone called you a slut? Someone said you are ugly? Someone said your art work was boring and dull? That is your cue to fucking stand up for yourself and make them speechless
10. Don’t respond to a group of males whistling at you. You’re a human being, not a fucking dog
11. Leave your headphones at home, see how much you are missing out on because you’re always lost in your own thoughts
12. Carry hand sanitizer and bandaids in your purse
13. Wear sexy underwear, loads of leather, a fur coat, heels and purple lipstick. Do it for yourself, not for the hot guy next door.
14. If you’re having a bad day, cry, scream, punch a pillow, throw stuff around. Then you pick up the mess, including yourself and get back up.
15. Smile, be polite and get on peoples good sides for starters
16. Stop waiting for your crush, stop dressing up for the bar man that serves you a free drink or staying extra hours at work for your boss. Stop impressing these dickheads and start impressing yourself.
17. Laugh until you cry, and when the girl sitting next to you in class tells you to shut up, laugh even louder.
18. Do whatever feels right in the moment, laugh, cringe and regret it later. Repeat.
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I can’t remember the last time I stared at my own hands and found something so lovely that no one else had ever noticed. When was the last time I stared at my own hands and saw a glimpse of an evening star? I used to believe that I painted the whole universe on my skin but I failed to notice how fragile my hands are, just like my flesh.

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I have looked at you
in millions of ways and
I have loved you in each
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Anonymous asked: Ate, what's are the songs in your playlist? They're perfff <3

1. Flightless Bird, American Mouth
2. The Moon

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Yung isang blogger, nung nabisto sya na nagka-copy paste ng posts, nagkunwari nalang sya na na-hack tumblr niya eh.


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Have you ever felt that feeling when you try so hard not to lose your friends but you unintentionally do things that will push them away and no matter how hard you try to show them that you need them, you just can’t.

But deep inside you, you know that you really need someone to be there for you whenever you’re lonely. No matter how hard you try to show them that you’re fine without them, you know to yourself that you’re not.

You need people to be with you but you can’t find one so you just tell them that, you like being alone.

19:36 and lonely thoughts
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Be careful
whose world
you fall in love with.

The sky becomes
a terrifying place
when you can no longer
lose yourself
among its stars.
© 2013 Maza-Dohta (via mediwriter)
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You will continue to bleed until you can’t do it anymore because you’re running out of blood. We may be happy today, we may be happy over little things sometimes but at the end of the day, when you’re alone in your room, your demons inside you will give you enough reasons to be sad and scared.

Sometimes, it’s scary to be alive.

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norwegian wood is asghjhgf <3

haruki murakami is afghjgiejwduwevhwncqnoqncjnwjcn i am so happy

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I don't want to forget the words I met from the very beginning so I decided to swallow them.
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